When conventional lifts cannot be installed due to the lack of space, Aritco HomeLift can offer a solution. Installing Aritco HomeLift, you do not need a separate shaft or a machine room like conventional lifts. You need only 37 mm for the lift pit or the lift can be positioned directly on the floor with a 37 mm ramp. The lift can be installed for the new buildings and existing building as well.

You can build your own lift design with standard powder-coated paint panels or glass panels. You can choose any color if you wish or you can design your own lighting in your lift or Design Wall as options.


Model S15 with the platform size: 1100 x 1400 mm is the best choice for your homes if you need more space in the lift to use and carry the goods. The rated load of Model S15 is 400 kg/5 persons. You can choose 3 sides of door opening as you wish.

Additional Information/Technical Specifications

Type of lift Home lift intended for installation in private homes
Technical Compliance European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
European Standard EN 81-41
Driven system Screw and nut system
Installation environment Indoor
Travel height 250 – 15000 mm
Top height Minimum 2225 mm to 3000 mm
Number of floors 2 to 6 floors
Installation With a 37 mm pit or installed directly on the floor with a ramp
Control from carrier control panel Hold to run or One touch operation
Rated speed Max 0.3 m/s or 0.15 m/s
Design Wall White as standard or Options
Design Light White as standard or Options
Floor Bolon Sisal Plain Sand as standard or Option
Lift Color White as standard or Options
Dimension Platform size: 1100 x 1400 mm; Shaft size: 1466 x 1450 mm

Hole through floor size: 1511 x 1510 mm

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