What constitutes great lighting is individual and can depend on the occasion. For a cosy Sunday afternoon you might prefer the lights dimmed low. When it’s playtime with the kids, perhaps bright lighting is more suitable. And for parties, why not try red light?

The Aritco HomeLift is the world’s first connected home lift. It comes bundled with an app called SmartLift, which enables you to control the lighting of your Aritco HomeLift. You can also set up your own lighting schedules, such as having the light turn on every morning at 7 am. And if that isn’t enough, the app will also notify you when your lift needs maintenance or repairs.

More cool features will be added in the near future, so download the app now and stay tuned for further updates!

Drive system

The Aritco HomeLift has a well-tested and reliable screw and nut drive system, developed and adapted to the requirements of a home environment – silent and smooth with a soft start and stop.

Rated speed
Rated speed 0.15 m/s
Rated speed 0.3 m/s (for installations outside Europe)

SmartSafety system

Safety has been a key consideration throughout the entire process of developing our home lift. Kids will play around and in the lift, and we want the whole family to feel completely safe. We have therefore developed the Aritco SmartSafety system, which includes smart doors that feel if something is in the way, and if so, automatically open again. It is also possible to lock the lift, preventing children or anyone else from using it.

We have also incorporated a function that ensures the lift will run on batteries in the event of a power failure, so you are always able to lower the lift to the nearest floor and get out. The lift is equipped with a function, which prevents the batteries from discharging when the power in the house is off.

All Aritco HomeLifts have an alarm button that is connected to an autodialer, which can be used to make emergency calls. You are always able to call one of the pre-programmed numbers from the lift.

European standards

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